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Worry Less, Dance More

the Cape Town Wedding Dj's


With a background in house music, playing in clubs and at festivals originally, with performances in Ibiza, London, Dubai and Kenya, Anthea is now focusing on her energy and love of music in a different direction. She is now creating sets that work to the experience – with a focal point being at weddings and corporate events. She’s plays to these experiences with complete finesse, focusing her attention on creating a truly fun event.

Her style is classic but also brings a contemporary flair to the occasion to deliver something for everybody and to keep a dance floor going late into the night.



DJ Stefanos is an experienced and versatile open format
DJ with a masterful grasp of the event atmosphere and the dance floor. He specialises in bespoke weddings, corporate events, and creates a vibe at some of Cape Town's top wine estates, restaurants and entertainment events.
Able to mix and work across multiple genres, Stefanos can cater to a variety of music tastes and clients, read the room and create the perfect ambience for any occasion. He has performed at a number of high-profile events, including the wedding of South African Rugby Captain, Siya Kolisi, and has been the featured performance at one of The Sun Met's exclusive VIP lounges. Stefanos is a resident DJ for the Life & Brand Portfolio and has dropped beats at a variety of top-tier venues, including Molenvliet, Cavalli, Lourensford, The Twelve Apostles, aboard luxury yachts and at some of Cape Town's premiere restaurants and social hot spots. Whether you're looking for the perfect background beats, or to get the party started, Stefanos has your bases, and decks, covered.

 Cape Town the Wedding Dj's


The Ultimate Wedding Experience is two highly skilled DJ’s playing back to back with a live trumpeter in the mix, this act is called The Law & it is something to behold! The brainchild of two of Cape Town’s most respected and influential industry types: Shaun Westwood and Richard Marshall.

Created from attending one too many events where music was not the highest priority, the two joined forces to help ensure that there would be no such situation if they were involved going forward, ever. A firm belief that music is the most important ingredient without exception, they pride themselves on being able to read the room under any circumstance. Making a point of varying styles and regularly cross-pollinating between what is and what was, they very strongly believe – as long as it is good, it’s all good.



Lee Thomson, DJ
and musician hailing from South Africa, has left an indelible mark on the
country's music scene. With an impressive track record of collaborations with top acts like Goldfish, Goodluck, Springbok Nude Girls, Hog Hoggidy Hog, and Freshlyground. What sets
Thomson apart is not only his experience as a musician but also his ability to
translate his diverse musical influences into his DJ sets. Lee Thomson's performances are a testament to his ability to blend the worlds of live instrumentation and electronic music
seamlessly, where he seamlessly blends genres, creating a musical journey for his audience. Whether he's spinning the latest electronic beats, downtempo, disco, funk or digging deep into the rich tapestry of African sounds. Lee Thomson's performances are a testament to his ability to blend the worlds of live
instrumentation and electronic music seamlessly, ensuring that your experience is nothing short of unforgettable.



With a passion for music from the age of five playing piano, singing and writing songs, Tantra plays from the heart and has a talent for creating memorable moments. She brings a unique energy, enthusiasm, and grace to every event she performs at.

In her early adult years, Tantra developed a deep love for electronic music and eventually began honing her skills as a DJ, quickly establishing herself as a sought-after talent in the local scene. With a diverse repertoire spanning genres from classic hits to modern favorites, Tantra knows how to read the room and keep the dance floor smiling without compromising her sound which is a mixture of elegance, groove and fun. She understands that no two events are alike and works closely with her clients to curate the perfect playlist that reflects their unique style and vision. She believes that the key to a successful event is not just great music, but also creating an atmosphere of joy, love, and celebration.

Whether you're looking for a chilled daytime or sunset set or a high-energy playlist to keep your guests grooving all night, trust Tantra to deliver a soundtrack that will have everyone talking long after the last song fades away.


 Cape Town the Wedding Dj's


A truly open format DJ, West has made a name for himself as an artist that supersedes any notion of classification. A lifetime of digging for the right song makes him the right man for the moment – in any given moment. With no preference for genre or era, he has mastered the distinct ability to play what’s right for the time, an attribute that is especially relevant for specialist events.

A career that has included management and ownership of some of Cape Town’s most reputable venues has given him profound insight into what works and when musically, and his reputation is a true reflection of this unique ability to make any event work perfectly. The Wedding DJ’s as a company has fast become the go-to consultancy for expert opinion and advice, and it’s largely due to DJ West putting countless hours into the hard yards – doing it himself with an impeccable reputation for playing the right song at the right time.

 Cape Town the Wedding Dj's


Producer and DJ, ‘Dino Live’ is best known for his unique fusion of musical genres. His mixes incorporate traditional bongo drums and an electronic hand drum synthesiser, making his music a crowd pleaser. Dino is an epic DJ who can mix it up with cross-genre vintage & rework tracks, he works well for any wedding and has done many private functions to great effect.

Dino holds residencies at many of Cape Town’s top night clubs and is often on the line up of music festivals, playing a wide variety of house music styles and making him extremely versatile. Dino’s ability to DJ while playing a drum kit live during his set, makes him really unique as he blends the beats to each song perfectly, while reading the room and mixing it up, to create a really LIVE VIBE, living up to his name…

 Cape Town the Wedding Dj's


Music flows in everyone’s blood. But for some, the beat pumps harder and faster. Mano grew up around music, looking up to his father, a musician, and his older brother, a DJ. They played a large part in inspiring him to take a schoolboy love affair with bass-bumping beats and turn it into a successful DJ career.

DJ Mano’s career started early. He announced his arrival to the scene at a young age, eagerly winning his first competition at 14. Shortly after, he was hailed as Technics DMC South African DJ Champ (2001). It was the beginning of exciting things to come and highlights include playing alongside some of the world’s biggest names (including Deadma5, Avicii, Skrillex, Aoki, Afrojack, Paul van Dyk, Pleasurekraft, Nelix, and Stimming) & collaborating with local artists (including Goldfish, Locnville, DJ Fresh, Euphonik, Timo ODV, Die Antwoord and Jack Parow).

His versatility caught the attention of two of the country’s biggest radio stations, landing him a monthly spot on the 5FM Ultimix at 6, and regular plays on Metro FM’s Weekend Lockdown.

Skai 4.jpeg


He started his career in late 2010, in his home Country (D.R.Congo). He traveled
around within Africa and Europe, been exposed to different cultures which makes him so diverse. The cultural background and exposure had influenced him as an individual, which speaks through his Deejaying. His main charm is how he interacts with the crowd, as he plays accordingly to the type of crowd and keeps the dancefloor going. With many years of deejaying experience in the art, club, festival, fashion and wedding scenes his focus is to curate music that suits each events individual tastes. He is well known for playing variety of genres such as Amapiano, Afrobeats and
French Urban Hits. He can take you to the good old days of hip hop & RNB to then
switching it up back in time to the ’80s/’90s as well.



DJ Roy is the perennial Cape Town DJ, holding long standing residencies at just about all of the cities most iconic venues & events for the past + 10 years to date. The reason for Roy’s longevity & never ending popularity in the scene is his relentless pursuit to stay on trend, nobody can mash-up those classic hits with the current jams quite like Roy.

With an always smiling positive open approach to the dance floor, Roy stays connected & in the moment, never scared of surprising the audience with a fresh take on a classic old school jammed played at exactly the right time & when nobody is expecting it. Extremely versatile & dynamic with a music selection deeper than most & an open minded approachable attitude, DJ Roy is the DJ that can handle anything the dance floor throws at him. Rocking everything from clubs & festivals, to corporate events, Weddings, 21st birthdays to 50th birthdays, etc.

 Cape Town the Wedding Dj's


A Tastemaker, DJ, Producer, Voice over artist, Model & Collaborator that is best heard than described. With all the widespread hats he puts on, it’s hard to adequately articulate what he’ll be up to next alongside his helium-fuelled alter ego.
You could say that together they are deliriously unpredictable. When he lays his fingers on the decks, he’s punctuated, at times into mellow moments (depending on the context) – but only to be snatched back into an infectious party rhythmic flow. A constant presence amongst Mzansi’s top headliners, he has performed with the likes of DJ Fresh, DJ Euphonik, Lady Lea, DJ Zan D, DJ Loyd (Metro FM), Kyle Cassim, VJ Jonno, DJ Kent, Sir Vince, Lulu Cafe, Naked DJ, KOTW ,CLOCK , Dino Moran, Richard Marshall , Sam World, DJ VOODOO and premium brands Vodacom, Sail, Transnet, Avis, C-squared, GH. Mumm, Absolute, Cîroc, Remy Martin, Hennessy, Moet & Chandon just to name a few, in Cape Town and all over South Africa …call it what you will, but the facts remain, he’s done it all & brings his years of experience into every set he plays.

Raiven Hunter Press Photo 5.JPG


Having performed at hundreds of highprofile weddings and corporate events in South Africa as a session saxophonist with top South African acts GOODLUCK & The Kiffness, DJ Raiven has evolved his offering in 2023/2024 to present a live DJ & Saxophone performance package that keeps guest entertained, intrigued and dancing throughout the day and into the night. Influenced by beautiful paradoxes in nature and urban life, positive energy as well as the transcendence of the human spirit, Raiven blends track selection & original compositions with spontaneous jazz saxophone solos, vocal sampling and live mashups under the guise of house music in order to enhance the energy of a collective dance floor to further heights, together.



Made in Brazil, Born in the vibrant Island of Vitoria Espírito Santo, Kat Luz's journey has
been a symphony of cultural exploration and rhythmic passions. From a young age, her heart has harmonized with music, weaving melodies through the air with instruments and various artistic pursuits. Her odyssey led her across
the South Atlantic, sailing from Argentina to the kaleidoscopic shores of Cape Town. Africa's enchanting embrace captivated her soul, inspiring journeys to destinations like Madagascar, Mozambique, Holland, Belgium, and Portugal, where her professional DJ career sprouted its roots.
Nestled in Cape Town's pulsating rhythm, Kat Luz became a fixture in the city's most revered clubs and bars. Her music transcends boundaries, painting a mosaic of diversity that resonates with her people. Whether in the eclectic blend of Afro Latino beats, the timeless allure of Disco and Funky rhythms, or the pulsating energies of house, tech house, minimal
house, techno, deep house, organic house, old school, pop retro, mashups, and bass house, her passion for music thrives. Her performances are not mere sets; they're vibrant celebrations where beats mingle with hearts, inviting everyone to dance in unity. Kat Luz's journey is a testament to the power of
music — a universal language that connects souls across continents and cultures, igniting joy and unity wherever her sound waves travel.

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