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Soundcheck, one two!

Groove with us as we craft tailor-made entertainment experiences that'll have you dancing all night long! 🕺🎶

We're all about that funky rhythm, and we've got the hottest acts in the game, including some Afro-beat sensations that'll make your hips sway, Jazz bands that'll blow your mind, and solo guitarists who'll serenade your soul. 

But that's not all, folks! We've got saxophonists that'll take you on a sonic journey like no other ! And if you're feeling that folk vibe or just want some good old covers, we've got bands and solo acts that can do it all.


Our shortlist of the grooviest bands is just the tip of the iceberg. We're connected with the creme de la creme of the industry, so whatever you're dreaming of, we can make it a reality. Slide into our DMs and let us know your groove, or better yet, let's meet up and cook up some electrifying entertainment together! 

Cape Town Wedding Dj


The sound to suit you!



The King's Club Band, comprised of exceptionally talented musicians, is the breakout act of the season, setting the music scene ablaze with their unique and energetic performances. Charismatic Louis Malherbe on the Cajon, the band boasts an eclectic lineup featuring Geraint Boje on Double Bass, Werner Bekker on Guitar & Vocals, Liam McDermott on Guitar & Vocals, and the soulful saxophone stylings of Raiven Hansmann. What sets this group apart is their mesmerizing Mariachi-style roaming musicianship, which adds an infectious energy to any event. Their performances are a nostalgic journey through beloved classics and sing-along hits, creating an atmosphere that is impossible not to get swept up in. The King's Club Band is undoubtedly the hottest act of the season!

the Cape Town Wedding Dj's


Delivering a sense of happiness and dance. Gerry liberty is a Cape Town based singer-songwriter playing an eclectic mix of Blues, Soul, and Pop. His captivating performances transport audiences back in time as Liberty blends the new school/old school with creativity and musicianship. Gerry Liberty is as good as it gets, strumming his guitar with fierce whilst singing his way deep into the heart of the listeners. This acoustic solo cover artist is ideal for a pre-drinks / cocktails/canapes/dinner lounge set.

the Cape Town Wedding Dj's


The African Youth Choir is an ensamble of highly skilled young vocalists who have been wowing guests nationally, ideal for wedding ceremonies, dinner party, corporate events. They mostly sing unplugged, but can be lead with backing tracks or combined with with live acts like Marimba bands, Keyboard/Piano, etc. This act can also create custom custom songs on request.

Cape Town Wedding Dj's


Combining live and authentic African instruments with a DJ whose sound is distinctly native to the continent, Incredible Afro is the perfect accompaniment to cocktail hour at weddings and private functions, with a distinct and organic sound that is sure to enthrall both local and international guests alike.

Celebrating the rich musical tapestry of Africa, Incredible Afro is the partnership of Lee Thomson on trumpet, flugelhorn and decks and Bongani Sotshononda on marimba and percussion.

Cape Town Wedding Dj


15 Years of experience and expertise.

Album Launch-09.jpg


​Stanley Sibande is a South Africa based, Zambian-born singer-songwriter. His style is an amalgamation of the sombre soundscapes of Indie and rock coupled with the simplistic yet catchy melodic compositions of modern pop and alternative music.

the Cape Town Wedding Dj's


Passion Project is a DJ and live instrument combination act with a melodic downtempo lounge & bar groove, this love affair between digital DJ & live saxophone sets the mood for a sophisticated sun-downer drinks vibe like none other, you have to feel it to believe it.

DJ West on the decks & Jamie Faull on sax is a killer combination featuring two of South Africa’s most in-demand live-performing artists.

the Cape Town Wedding Dj's


Jamie Faull is SA’s most in-demand event sax player, regularly playing alongside some of the biggest names in the music industry like Jeremy Loops, Good luck, Mark Stent, DJ Fresh, DJ West, DJ Sox, DJ Roy, and many more.

The saxophone can be used to welcome your guest, set the mood for the early evening or sunset drinks & kick the night off with style. What makes Jamie’s sets so unique is that he is a multi-instrument-playing musician who combines his sax show with an electronic drum kit, allowing him to engage guests with far more versatility, it really is a talking point & always gets a reaction from the crowd.

the Cape Town Wedding Dj's


Indian Wedding Band, comrpising of Brass and Dhol musicians.

Bollywood Swingers is South Africa’s pioneering Indian-style wedding band, performing the famous melodies and the infectious, ridiculously danceable rhythms of Bollywood!

This band is ideal for the Baraat Procession – Grooms Arrival at the wedding ceremony.

Powerful brass combines with the spirited beat of Dhol drumming to produce a vibrant party atmosphere with contemporary and classic Bollywood hits.

Bollywood Swingers was created as an offshoot of Dixie Swingers, South Africa’s premier traditional jazz band. Formed from the crème de la crème, the formidable trumpet, clarinet, trombone and tuba players jive seamlessly with the men of Dhol!

Live, loud, friendly and mobile, we’ll make your festive occasion unique and memorable.

Cape Town Wedding Dj


Worry less, enjoy more!

the Cape Town Wedding Dj's


AND. is 2 Incredibly talented female artists performing melodic lounge music that sets a sophisticated tone, ideal for pre-drinks or early evening to kick off proceedings.
DJ Anthea Scholtz & Dorette Roos on Cello is a phenomenal combination act that has been wowing audiences nationally, these ladies are the perfect fit for clients who want to add a contemporary feel with a classic look to their event

the Cape Town Wedding Dj's


Years of experience combined, personified. Valve State is the brainchild of Richard Marshall, Lee Thomson and Jason Reolon, three of Cape Town’s most respected and dynamic musical minds. The combination of DJ and jazz musician is refined in what is at once an engaging, sophisticated and extremely pleasant to listen to.

Through a combination of carefully curated and crafted DJ sets with keyboards and trumpet, the trio has refined the art of blending live, improvised jazz with modern electronic music. Their abilities have seen them seduce crowds as varied as a handful of people at weddings right up to a five thousand-strong crowd opening for Morcheeba at Kirstenbosch Gardens.

the Cape Town Wedding Dj's


Lucky Love Marimba is ideal for cocktail hour or arrival drinks. Combining marimba, percussion & and several authentic African instruments, a distinct and organic sound that is sure to enthrall both local and international guests alike.

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