The Iconics

The Iconics

A fresh and exciting take on the wedding band, this group has been carefully curated to ensure they bring the house down at any wedding or event they play at. Comprising of eight incredibly talented musicians, the members create a cacophony of classics through keyboards, bass, percussion, saxophone, and four expert vocalists.

Versatile, fun and upbeat, this unpretentious cover band is capable of covering songs across a broad spectrum from classic right up to contemporary pop.

Having worked together for years, their effortlessness on stage translates onto any dance floor with an infectious energy. Laid back and sultry dinner sets also fall into their capabilities.

Lounge & JazzPop Covers (Lounge & Dance)Mo-Town

Mood: The band setlist is capable of performing a sophisticated dinner set, followed by a upbeat party set to get the party started. 


Cape Town


Jazz, Swing, Pop & Cover Band

Music Source

MP3 | Keyboard | Trumpet

Set Duration

2 x 50 min + Background Music



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