The Law

The Law

The Ultimate Wedding Experience is two highly skilled DJ’s playing back to back with a live trumpeter in the mix, this act is called The Law & it is something to behold! The brainchild of two of Cape Town’s most respected and influential industry types: Shaun Westwood and Richard Marshall.

Created from attending one too many events where music was not the highest priority, the two joined forces to help ensure that there would be no such situation if they were involved going forward, ever. A firm belief that music is the most important ingredient without exception, they pride themselves on being able to read the room under any circumstance. Making a point of varying styles and regularly cross-pollinating between what is and what was, they very strongly believe – as long as it is good, it’s all good.

Lo-FiDeep House
Trip-hopTech House

Mood: Ideal for an opening set, cocktail hour or dinner set


Cape Town


3 Piece Live Band

Music Source

MP3 | CD

Set Duration

2 Hours

Reception Package

R37 500

– Music for Dinner & Dance
– 7 hour DJ set (Till 1 am – additional hours to be discussed)
– 2 x 15-inch speakers, 2 x 18-inch bass bins, 2 x 12-inch speakers
– Pro LED Lighting on stage trussing
– Shure Wireless Microphone
– Meeting to discuss proceedings
– Smoke Machine


These packages can only be added to the Reception Package.



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