Jamie Faull

Jamie Faull

Jamie Faull is SA’s most in-demand event sax player, regularly playing alongside some of the biggest names in the music industry like Jeremy Loops, Good luck, Mark Stent, DJ Fresh, DJ West, DJ Sox, DJ Roy, and many more.

The saxophone can be used to welcome your guest, set the mood for the early evening or sunset drinks & kick the night off with style. What makes Jamie’s sets so unique is that he is a multi-instrument-playing musician who combines his sax show with an electronic drum kit, allowing him to engage guests with far more versatility, it really is a talking point & always gets a reaction from the crowd.

Jamie is a versatile artist who can perform with varying styles of bands & DJs. He recently started a solo show, where he plays sax over a curated list of backing tracks. The solo show is the ideal way to set a sophisticated tone for your early evening drinks or canapes hour.

Jamie will blow your guests away with his unique & flamboyant style!

POP coversVintage Classics
Romantic IndieHouse variety

Mood: Pre-drinks, Cocktail Hour, Dinner set, Pool Party


Cape Town


DJ & Live Instrument Act

Music Source

Sax | Electronic Drum

Set Duration

2 – 6 Hours

This includes DJ equipment and Sax/percussion equipment and a meeting to discuss the client’s brief.



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