Package 1: THE TIGERS

This is our entry level package, here we deliver a great DJ with 3-5 years experience who will play you all the hits, old school & radio smashers! Top 40 hits from the past 5 years, Golden Oldies, Country, Afrikaans, tell us what you want & he will play it! A small but solid sound system is included with the package as well as a microphone for speech making.

Package One

  • 3-5 Years Experience

Package Two

  • 10 Years Experience


Here we deliver a DJ that can handle anything, with over 10 years of experience playing across genres and music for all ages. The consummate professional, this DJ takes requests & will give you everything you want, 80’s & 90’s, Cheesy Old School Classics, Rock, 20 years of top 40 radio hits, house & commercial, anything goes. A rock solid sound rig is included, as well as some ambient and dance floor lighting (if required) and a microphone for speech making.

Package 3: THE LAW

The ultimate wedding experience: 2 legendary DJ’s playing back to back, who will blow your mind. With over 20 years combined experience, these guys will take you back to your youth & show you the future, all in one big bash, don’t expect a wedding, expect a flat out party when you book The Law! Old school, new school, vintage classics, house, funk, disco, rock, dance floor hits & everything in between, delivered with class & style! This package comes with any and all lighting requirements, smoke machines a positively booming sound rig and microphones for speeches.

Package Three

  • 20 Years Experience